ID 784715 New Board
Rozbern Surf
Hound 6'2"
$   795.00   USD

Board Measures:
Size   Width   Thickness   Volume
6'2" x 19 1/2" x 2 9/16" = 33.60 L
Board Specs:

Tail: Round Pin

Fin System: FCS 2 5 fin setup

Construction: PU

Lamination: Standard


Wave Size: 4 - 8 Ft

Experience: Advanced, Average, Beginner, Professional

Wave Type: Beach Break, Point Break , Reef Break and Hollow Beach Break

Board location
Space Rock

United States
location ver no google maps
Designed for steep, powerful waves. Added volume under the chest to provides paddle power, while foiled nose and tail allow you to knife in on late drops. Can be scaled up for more of a step up.
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